The low level laser therapy is a safe treatment for hair loss.
It is a treatment that can be performed quickly and easily at home.
It consists of a laser band to be applied to the scalp 3/week for 90 seconds.

How does it work?

The therapy works on the basis of photobiostimulation. Through improved oxygenation, improved blood flow and reduced inflammation (= inflammation) of the scalp, the hair will be activated to evolve from a “thin and short” hair to a “strong, thicker and longer” hair.

The device is available in practice. Depending on the width of your head, the device must be adjusted.
This will be examined in practice together with you.

NOTE! It is not suitable for every type of hair loss, so a careful analysis of the scalp must be carried out first!

There are already several publications of studies on the effect and safety of the treatment.

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Laserband Mairmax

For your information some publications about the Hairmax Laserband and it's operation:

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  • Comparative effectiveness of low-level laser therapy for adult androgenic alopecia: a system review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Liu KH1,2, Liu D1, et all - Read the publication
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